Wall Tiles for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Hand Made
Hand Made tiles

Only real hand made tiles look like hand made tiles.

Subtle earthernware glazes make these irresistable to touch and beautiful to see.

Micro crazing and a selection of single colours or mixed blends

Bathroom Wall Tiles
Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Tiles.

We have a large selection of subtle glazed wall tiles, as well as polished and glazed porcelains.

Choose from stylish pin stripes as seen, to earthy stone like tones.

Mosaic Tiles

Floortique has a bewildering array of mosaic tiles.

Choose from glass, porcelain, metal and mixed materials.

Shimmering gold leaf and pool and spa friendly glass.

Textured tile

See our range of textured finishes.

Structured porcelain in op art shapes, twists and triangles.

Or pressed ceramic with the form of bamboo, wood and Coir.

Glass tile

Glass is fast becoming a whole new tiling sector.

It is a very flexible material and can be tempered to resist heat and be used as splash backs.

Or pressed and moulded to create interesting relief patterns.

Animal Magic
Animal Print Tiles

How about these amazing animal fur prints.

They are not just a screen printed photo, but are in relief and you can feel the strands of hair on the face of the tile.

Are you a cowboy person or a sexy leopard print ?

We have Tiger too and Zebra !

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