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Crema Dura Limestone
Crema Dura Limestone

Crema Dura Limestone Oiba

Crema Dura is a very clean and consistent creamy limestone.

It is an off creamy off white with a hint of warmth and one of the few light coloured limestones that are really suitable from stone flooring.

Floortique supplies a couple of other very white stones but they are generally thought of as bathroom tiles. They can be seen on our stone-tiles website.

This stone has very few inclusions although there is tonal variation. It is available in tumbled, pillowed and antique finishes.

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400 x 400 x 20mm £86.40 £72.00
600 x 400 x 20mm £91.80 £76.50
600 x 600 x 20mm £98.40 £82.00
800 x 800 x 20mm £106.80 £89.00
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Kamen Limestone

You may also be interested in the Kamen limestone.

This is similar in colour and style but slightly greyer with small fossils.

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